Llar de Capitans is the first 3-star hotel located in El Masnou (El Maresme).


At just 30 metres to the beach and 20 minutes by train from Barcelona City Centre, Llar de Capitans combines the iconic modernism style of the early 19th Century with modern convenience.

Hotel, Llar de Capitans, was originally built in 1865 to house two important captains of the Merchant Navy in El Masnou:  Pere Pagès I Colomer and Jaume Estapé Pagès. El Masnou, at that time, flourished as a merchant port and was an important trade centre with the American continent.


In commemoration of this time, our bedrooms are named for the most successful and legendary schooners: Paula, Prisca, Caupolicán, Guayaquil and Prim. 

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