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Hotel Llar de Capitans

Llar de Capitans Hotel allows pets in their rooms.

However, it is mandatory to indicate that you are staying with your pet.

The hotel may allow or deny the accommodation of some pets.

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25€ per room

Please note that pets in our establishment are charged a supplement of 25EUR per stay. This supplement is applied based on the extraordinary cleaning originated by your pet.

Pets are allowed in our accommodation as long as a room suitable for your pet's size is selected and the hotel allows it.

It should be noted that there is a maximum of 2 pets per room. You will automatically have to choose a large room if there are two pets.


* If you have two large pets or more pets, please consult us to indicate if it is allowed or the type of room suitable for them.

​On the other hand, the hotel does not have beds, sandboxes and feeders for your pets. You must bring their own items.

Security deposit

Depends on the type of room

In addition, a liability security deposit of 25EUR or 50EUR (Suites) will be required and will be returned the next day. This deposit will not be refunded in case your pet causes serious damage to the furniture of the room: furniture breakage, stool on the mattress, urine on the walls, etc.

Your pet is your responsibility, therefore, you must ensure that it goes out the necessary times to the street and can not leave it all day on the terrace.

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